EA, Spielberg Talk Games

As the new, subdued E3 press event gets set to kick off later this week, video game giant Electronic Arts (EA) today lifted the veil on two of the three original titles it is developing with Academy Award-winning director and producer Steven Spielberg. The games are in development at EA Los Angeles (EALA) and will aim to get gamers more emotionally involved in the worlds they create. No release windows have been disclosed at this time.

‘I am a gamer myself and game development has always intrigued me,” says Spielberg. “Now I’ve been able to jump in and do it, enjoying the creative collaboration with the EALA team on our first two games and I feel we have two incredibly unique projects in development.”

“Steven’s vision as both a storyteller and a gamemaker makes partnering with him an incredible experience,” adds EA general manager Neil Young. “Together we’re making games that are unique and that we feel will each move the medium in their own way.”

The first of the two games is being developed exclusively for Nintendo’s Wii system. The title will allow players of all ages to compete in more than a hundred challenging, action-packed interactive games that take blocks to a new level with single player, co-op and versus modes. Gamers will also be able to use the Wii remote to build their own games and structures, or turn it into a demolition tool.

The second is a more ambitious project described as a contemporary action-packed, epic adventure that puts the player on an emotional journey where actions tell the tale. The PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC game will focus on the touching and ever-changing relationship between the player and a mysterious female character who holds the key to many futures.

EA and Spielberg entered their multi-year partnership in 2005. Spielberg has been working directly with the EALA development teams in Playa Vista, Calif. to bring his signature style of storytelling to the interactive realm. EA owns the intellectual properties and will develop, publish and distribute the titles worldwide.