Dofus Creator Bringing WAKFU to E3

Fresh from winning the Independent Games Festival’s Audience Choice Award for its Flash-based MMOG, Dofus, Ankama Studio is set to bring some new offerings to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles next month. In addition to the new Dofus-Arena mode and the Dofus extension, Riders of the Dragoturkey, the French game developer will introduce a new massively multiplayer experience titled WAKFU.

In WAKFU, players will have to fight fierce fauna and flora using magic, martial arts and new technologies. In addition, they will have to build cities in a virgin universe while preserving nature from destruction. Using a universal and intuitive language, participants in the persistent world will interact to create alliances or to take part in fights that will have a direct influence upon the universe. The game is slated for release at the end of 2007.

Dofus immerses players in a cartoon-like universe where they build alliances and participate in a tactical turn-based gameplay. According to Ankama, there are currently 800,000 registered players, including 50,000 subscribers. This summer, the company will release Dofus-Arena for players strictly interested in the battle aspect of the popular online game. Currently being beta tested, the mode will have each player create a team of characters armed with spells, weapons and other items before going toe-to-toe with other players in one-on-one and two-on-two action in arenas that hide many urprises. The studio will present the gold version at E3 before the game’s official release.

The eagerly awaited Dofus extension, Riders of the Dragoturkey, will be available this June. In addition to an expanded free zone, the add-on will introduce mounts, breeding professions and new communication functionality to enhance exchanges between players.

E3 will be held May 10-12 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, attracting video game professionals from around the world with product unveilings and informative panel discussions. More information on the event can be found online at