Disney’s Spectrobes Unveiled

Disney Interactive Studios officially introduced its new Nintendo DS video game franchise, Spectrobes, over the weekend during a world premiere event at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. Special guest Jason Dolley from the Disney Channel series Cory in the House joined Disney Interactive Studios’ producer Kentaro Hisai in welcoming 60 local fourth graders from Gauer Elementary School to be among the first to play the innovative title.

Spectrobes takes players on an intergalactic journey as two junior Planetary Patrol officers named Rallen and Jeena set out to save the galaxy by awakening, training and collecting prehistoric creatures known as Spectrobes. These creatures hold the key to defeating merciless enemies known as the Krawl.

The students were able to give the game a spin at multiple kiosks in Tomorrowland as videos depicting the Spectrobes story origin played in the background. The youngsters also had the opportunity to meet Dolley and talk to him about the game. Hisai, who flew in from Japan for the event, was also on hand to answer all gameplay questions. At the end of the unveiling, all 60 students each received a first copy of Spectrobes and a brand-new Nintendo DS to play it on.

Disney Interactive says Spectrobes takes full advantage of the unique qualities of the Nintendo DS platform, including its revolutionary touch screen and microphone. The title’s gameplay involves excavating and awakening dormant creatures with the stylus and voice commands. The game will also include local wireless gameplay, Wi-Fi downloadable content and a compatible online community. In addition, each game will include a pack of four trading cards that hold codes which can be activated by placing the card over the touch screen and tapping numeric holes to unlock special items. Developed by Kyoto, Japan-based Jupiter Corp., Spectrobes is rated ‘E’ for Everyone and will be available at retail worldwide on March 13. For more information, go http://www.spectrobes.com.