Di-O-Matic Releases New Facial Studio for Windows

Montreal-based animation software developer Di-O-Matic announced today the release of its Facial Studio for Windows. The new software offers more than 500 controls over the 3D head creation process, along with new features such as PhotoMatching, which allows users to create heads based on photos and drawings in less than ten minutes.

With Facial Studio for Windows, easy 3D heads creation is now available to all major 3D platforms.  Supporting the FBX interchange file format developed by Kaydara, Facial Studio for Windows export 3D heads, including their deformation setups, to every major 3D applications including discreet 3ds max, Maxon Cinema4D, Newtek LightWave, Alias Maya, Alias MotionBuilder, and Softimage XSI. The package is priced at $899.

A 30-day limited trial version of Facial Studio for Windows is available at www.di-o-matic.com/products/Software/FacialStudio/try.html 

Facial Studio for Windows is now available through Di-O-Matic distributors and resellers as well as as the company website at: www.di-o-matic.com.