Dancing Diva Groovin’ to Playstation

A new video game from the mind of Sega game creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi is heading for a North American PlayStation 2 release later this fall.

AGETEC Inc. has announced delivery of Space Channel 5 Special Edition for PS2. Starring Ulala, an indelible dance diva and space age newscaster, Space Channel 5 takes players on a futuristic neo-’60s adventure delivering two rich storylines, unique visuals, funky tunes and a unique game-play experience, the company says.

Space Channel will include a huge array of content and surprises that include hidden levels, mini-quests, hidden characters and more.

Features include: Two discs of groovy techno tunes, fashionably in-vogue characters and game play spanning two completely different storylines. Rhythm Battles has Ulala taking control of a musical instrument and playing in time with her opponent, while Lyric Battle lets players give Ulala’s singing voice a workout. An additional two-player mode allows players to work co-operatively. Space Channel 5 Special Edition for PS2 is expected to retail at $29.99. More information regarding AGETEC’s entire lineup can be found at www.agetec.com.