Bob the Builder’s PC Add-On

Get out the hammers and hardhats. THQ Inc. has released Bob the Builder: Bob’s Castle Adventure for PC. The title, now available at retailers in the U.S. and Canada, is THQ’s third offering based on the hugely successful stop-motion animated TV show and home video series.

Bob the Builder: Bob’s Castle Adventure continues the TV adventures of Bob, his business partner Wendy and his crew of fun-loving building machines including Scoop the backhoe, Muck dump truck, Roley the steamroller, Lofty the crane and Dizzy the cement mixer. Players visit a huge castle and must complete ten different activities that include constructing a maze, finding a friend in the dungeon and making a lunch run with Pilchard. In addition to varied difficulty settings for kids as young as three years old, the game features authentic voices and music from the show.

Last year’s title, Bob the Builder: Bob Builds A Park, was awarded the Software of the Year award by Parenting magazine.

Ratings darling Bob the Builder, aimed at kids 2-6, currently airs on Nick Jr. five days a week. The program’s stories focus on teamwork and problem solving.