AvatarLabs Gets MvA’s B.O.B. In Your iPhone

Online marketing agency AvatarLabs has announced the release of a Monsters vs. Aliens application for iPhone and iPod Touch.

The application, based on the DreamWorks Animation movie due in the theaters March 27, comes in a free ‘lite’ version and a regular version.

The lite version lets viewers learn more about the movie, watch videos, look at film stills and find showtimes at nearby theaters. It also features an interactive introduction to the monster charcter B.O.B.

Also available is a full version of the application, which costs $1.99 and includes everything in the lite app plus a B.O.B. Bundle that includes: A soundboard with more than 30 B.O.B. blurbs; more ways to play with B.O.B. on the device’s touch screen; a ‘Containment Center-tainment’ featuring B.O.B. Says and Monster Match activities; and four levels of B.O.B.’s favorite game, 52 Pickup.

The lite and full versions of the app are available for download in the Apple iTunes App Store. http://www.apple.com/iphone/appstore/