Aardman’s Shaun Flocks to Nintendo DS

Young fans of Aardman Animations’ preschool series Shaun the Sheep will get to spend some time in the titular character’s wooly skin when the property becomes a video game for the Nintendo DS. Slated to ship to retail stores in North America and Europe this fall, the title from D3Publisher (D3P) will have players guiding Shaun as he tries to find the rest of the flock before the Farmer arrives home.

‘D3Publisher has worked very closely with Oscar Award-winning Aardman Animations to authentically bring the personality and humor of the stop-motion children’s series and its characters to life,’ says Adam Roberts, European managing director for D3P. ‘The pick-up-and-play gameplay will appeal to players of all ages while delivering the sheep humor the series is known for that adults are sure to enjoy.’

In Shaun the Sheep, gamers will play as Shaun and interact with such favorite characters as Shirley, Timmy and Bitzer as they adventure through familiar environments including the junk pile, the sheep pool and the circus tent. Players will utilize the DS touch screen and microphone in three different gameplay modes’Story Mode, Mini-game Mode and Collection Mode’and maneuver around obstacles, access hidden areas and try their hands at eight unlockable mini-games and eight collectible slide puzzles. The game will also feature five micro games that will showcase memorable moments from the show.

Based on a character introduced in the Oscar-winning Aardman short A Close Shave, Shaun the Sheep made its North American debut on Disney Channel in July of 2007 and has been a top performer for the network. The game is under development by Art Co., Ltd. and is currently rated ‘E’ for Everyone.