DreamWorks’ ‘Mr. Peabody and Sherman’

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  • orange2dope

    Yet another classic completely redone in CGI, which looks so alien from the original.
    I don’t understand why they keep pumping out these CGI remakes like a machine. Once again I am disappointed.
    People would like to see high end 2D animation, especially with all the computer power and 2D programs we have nowadays, the production cost would be equal or less than the cost to produce CGI films.

  • Nora Salisbury

    I was pleasantly surprised that they did this movie so well. Ty Burrell does a wonderful job of filling in for the late Bill Scott in voicing Mr. Peabody. They made it fun and funny and sweet, even got a tear out of me at one point. People need to give things a chance, sometimes they do it justice.