Zac Efron Circles Jonny Quest Role

Rumors have been making the rounds that Zac Efron, star of Disney’s High School Musical franchise and the current comedy 17 Again, is due to take on the lead role in a live-action version of the classic adventure cartoon Jonny Quest.

Rumors also are afoot that Dwayne Johnson, most recently star of Race to Witch Mountain, is in line for the role of Race Bannon, writes Geoff Boucher on the Los Angeles Times‘ Hero Complex blog,

The current script is by Dan Mazeau and is getting a lot of interest in Hollywood, but there are worries about the project that crop up with word that Warner Bros. is considering making the movie but changing the title.

The rationale for that stems from the failure last year of Speed Racer, another 1960s kids’ cartoon adapted to live action, the blog states.