Willis Game for Kane Role?

Despite its weak track record, Hollywood continues to mine the world of interactive entertainment in a bid to launch new franchises. The Hollywood Reporter today brings word that Lionsgate is negotiating with action star Bruce Willis to play the role of Kane in an adaptation of Eidor Interactive’s video game Kane & Lynch. Veteran stunt coordinator and second-unit director Simon Crane is directing the pic from a script by Kyle Ward, who is also scripting Lionsgate’s big-screen take on the Alias comic book Deal With the Devil.

Kane & Lynch was developed by IO Interactive. The popular game involves a death row inmate (curiously resembling Willis) who teams with a schizophrenic killer named Lynch to bust out of prison in order to retrieve stolen loot and save Kane’s wife and daughter. The movie is being produced by Daniel Alter and Adrian Askarieh, who both served as producers on last year’s poorly received video game adaptation Hitman.

Crane has overseen stunts on various James Bond movies, the Alien franchise, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and the upcoming Will Smith super hero pic Hancock. He is currently working as stung coordinator and second unit director on Disney’s upcoming sci-fi thriller The Surrogates, which stars Willis and is being directed by Jonathan Mostow (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Breakdown).