Weinsteins Hot for Red Riding Hood

CGI animation House Kanbar has a big reason to let the SKYY Vodka flow today. The latest news from the Cannes festival is that Bobby and Harvey Weinstein’s new company (temporarily called WeinsteinCo.) has picked up North American rights to Kanbar’s CG-animated feature, Hoodwinked! The True Story of Red Riding Hood.

Hoodwinked!, which is screening at the Cannes market, offers a fractured fairytale treatment of the classic fable, centering on a band of animated creatures investigating a domestic disturbance at Grandma’s famous cottage. Among the movie’s CG players are a karate-kicking Red, a smart-aleck wolf, a goofy Woodsman and a thrill-seeking Granny!

Kanbar Entertainment was launched in 2002 by Maurice Kanbar, the man behind the SKYY Vodka and former Disney Animation executive Sue Bea Montgomery. The feature is produced by Kanbar, Montgomery, David K. Lovegren and Preston Stutzman and written and directed by Cory Edwards, Todd Edwards and Tony Leech. Kanbar brought a short version of Hoodwinked! to the Cannes market two years ago.

Harvey Weinstein told Daily Variety, "(This story) is a time-honored and whimsical feature that will captivate children’s imaginations through its unique and eye-opening animation!" In addition, the newsmaking Weinsteins announced that they will be developing a sequel to Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s flashy Sin City feature, which is playing in Cannes as Dimension’s first competition entry.

Hate to bring this up to Harvey’s attention, but didn’t Shrek already have a lot of CG fun with Granny and Red Riding Hood?