Warner Flexes Home Vid Muscle in Courting Pixar

Daily Variety reports that Time Warner Entertainment and Networks chairman Jeffrey Bewkes is boasting that the company’s home video distribution strength makes it a perfect partner for rebounding computer animation powerhouse Pixar.

Bewkes delivered a keynote address Tuesday at the Bear Stearns media and entertainment conference in Palm Beach, Fla. He is quoted saying, “The advantage Warner has is that it has the biggest worldwide DVD and homevideo distribution, and it outindexes every other studio in terms of how many dollars in DVD or home video it gets for each dollar in box office.”

Hooking up with Pixar would indeed make Warner Bros. a force to be reckoned with as the studio plans to continue cranking out Harry Potter movies and set up tent poles with the highly anticipated new Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman projects. Keeping the blockbuster revenue stream going is particular important for Warner in the absence of Lord of the Rings movies, which were distributed by indie arm New Line Cinema.