WALL’E Clips Debut on AniMagTV

As Disney and Pixar gear up to release their eagerly awaited new animated feature film, we’re bringing you some behind-the-scenes featurettes, as well as the high-resolution trailer for WALL’E on AniMagTV. Tune in now to see director Andrew Stanton and other members of the Pixar crew discussing the making of the sci-fi family flick, which hits theaters on July 27. We’ve also added a new CG-animated short film from Cilantro Animation and more.

WALL’E takes place 700 years in the future and revolves around a young industrial robot left alone to clean up the mess that human kind left behind when the Earth became too polluted to support life. WALL’E's life changes one day when a spacecraft arrives carrying a sleek new robot probe who captures our hero’s heart and takes him into space on a thrilling journey of self-discovery.

The pic is produced by former Lucasfilm Digital president Jim Morris, who joined the Pixar team in 2005. Ben Burtt, the Oscar-winning sound designer behind R2D2′s vocalizations and other Star Wars sound effects, played a major role in the production, which relies more on electronics sounds than dialogue to express the various emotions of its automated characters. Check out the June/July issue of our print magazine to read all about the making of Pixar’s ninth feature film.