Voltron Movie Rights Go to Atlas

Atlas Entertainment has made the first step toward bringing Voltron to the big screen, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Atlas’ Charles Roven, Richard Suckle and Steve Alexander were the trio behind the features Get Smart and The International, while Roven also was a producer on The Dark Knight. They will be joined by Jason Netter of Kickstart Entertainment and Ted Koplar of World Events Productions, which holds the rights to the property.

The story involves a group of robotic lions that join together to form a single, giant robotic lion. The series was adapted and pieced together from two Japanese anime series, Beast King GoLion and Kikou Kantai Dairugger XV.

The American version aired for two years in the mid-1980s, and has maintained a strong fan presence ever since.

Atlas has an overall deal at Sony, but no deal has been made yet for Voltron.