Vinton Studios Grabs Gaiman’s Coraline

According to Daily Variety, animation house Vinton Studios has bought film rights to Neil Gaiman’s children’s book, Coraline, which Nightmare Before Christmas director Henry Selick has been developing for the big screen with producer Bill Mechanic and his Pandemonium Films.

When we spoke to Selick in December, he mentioned that Mechanic was having trouble getting financing together for the film. The pick-up by Vinton should put the project on firm ground, especially since the toon studio is getting a solid start in the feature market with Tim Burton’s upcoming stop-motion pic, The Corpse Bride. Warner Bros. plans to release that feature next year.

Coraline, the story of a young girl who moves into a new home and discovers a secret door to an alternative reality, was initially planned as a combination of live-action and animation, but the latest reports have it slated to be completely done with stop-motion.

Selick oversaw stop-motion animation work on the upcoming Wes Anderson feature, The Life Aquatic, starring Bill Murray and Owen Wilson. He has since joined Vinton Studios as supervising director and is working on a CG short titled Moongirl.