Up Includes Peek at Toy Story 3

Can’t wait until next year for Toy Story 3? Then make sure you catch Pixar’s new film Up for a glimpse at a new character from the film.

Up director Pete Docter and producer Jonas Rivera confirmed the Easter egg to MTV, saying it’s been a tradition in Pixar films to offer hints at the next movie. For example, a toy that looks like the star of Finding Nemo can be spotted in Monsters, Inc.

While neither Docter nor Rivera would reveal which character is getting the preview, they did confirm it can be spotted under the bed of a little girl playing with her toys during a scene in which the house flies past her window.

The scene is in a trailer and a featurette on the site, revealing enhancement upon a purple bear-like character ‘


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Link to featurette:


Toy Story 3 is set to come out in June 2010.