Tooth Fairy, Legion Challenge Avatar

Will laughter or screams finally topple Avatar?

That’s the question as the box office juggernaut faces a trio of newcomers all hoping to claim its title this weekend.

Up first is the Fox comedy The Tooth Fairy, aimed squarely at children and family audiences. Starring Dwayne Johnson and Julie Andrews, it opens at more than 3,300 theaters.

On the other end is the horror thriller Legion, which stars Paul Bettany as an angel helping humans to find their way at the biblical end times. The Sony/Screen Gems release hits in some 2,400 cinemas.

Lastly is the CBS Films drama Extraordinary Measures. Starring Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford, this opens on more than 2,500 screens.

Avatar meanwhile had a very strong day on the Martin Luther King holiday, earning $11 million on Monday. Its $512 million domestic gross is closing fast on The Dark Knight, the all-time No. 2 domestic grosser with $533 million. Its $1.1 billion worldwide gross puts its total of $1.68 billion within $200 million of Titanic‘s all-time record of $1.84 billion.