Tom Hanks: ‘Toy Story 4′ is in the Works


Tom Hanks, who has voiced Woody in all three Toy Story feature films, has told the BBC that he thinks there will be a Toy Story 4 and that the project is being worked on.

Speaking to promote the release of the romantic comedy Larry Crowne, Hanks was asked if there will be a Toy Story 4. “Yeah, I think there will be. They’re working on it now,” the actor replied. You can catch the interview at, and the Toy Story question comes right at the end.

No word from Pixar yet on whether a fourth film in the series is being developed, and even if an idea is being considered there is no guarantee the film will move into production.

What do you think, Animag readers? Do you think Toy Story 4 is a good idea, or should Pixar leave well enough alone?

  • alex001

    dont do this pixar! enough of toys! better do something completely new.
    but that could make some money. i think its true. toy story 4 will be released some day.

  • Sketch!

    There’s no need to make a Toy Story 4. Not saying that the movie would be terrible, but it really is best to do something new and not keep piggy-back riding off of what’s really made. I just really want something different, but that’s my opinion. That’s why I’m looking forward to “BRAVE.” Really excited & hoping for great things in the future from PIXAR.

  • Eugenio E. Herrera P.

    If there is a good argument for the new story, for sure is a good idea! :)

  • Brummie69

    At least learn something from Cars2.

  • Yuki Radcliffe

    You know, I don’t think it’s that bad of an idea. When they made Toy Story 2, we all boo’d at the idea, and when it came out, it was awesome. And then Toy Story 3 went into production, we all freaked out and said, STOP! YOU DON’T NEED TO MAKE ANOTHER TOY STORY! And when it came out, it was spectacular.

    This might be another case of that. I have a lot of faith in Pixar’s story team, and I’m sure that if they did make another Toy Story movie, it would be as breathtaking as each of the first three in the series.

  • Alzaga Gabriel


  • Alzaga Gabriel

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