The Princess Blade Hacks Into Theaters

Fresh from an extended run on the int’l festival circuit, The Princess Blade opens today in New York and Los Angeles, with additional openings in top markets through the month of August. Anime fans should enjoy this live-action Hong Kong actioner from director Shinsuke Sato. Based on Kazuo Koike’s manga title Shurayukihime, the film combines martial arts fun with art-house sensibilities and features visual effects by Shinji Higuchi, well-known for his work on the modern Gamera series.

Set in the future, The Princess Blade incorporates elements of classic Japanese Samurai drama to tell the story of Princess Yuki (played by Japanese pop superstar Yumiko Shaku), a ruthlessly efficient member of a clan of once noble guards that has become an exiled and disgraced band of assassins. Yuki is paid by the authoritarian government to eliminate members of a rebellious insurrectionist group. But when a mysterious stranger tells her the truth about her mother’s death, she takes on her own clan with the help of a young man named Takashi (Hideaki Ito), who may have ulterior motives.

Princess Blade is an ADV Films release. It is playing in New York City at Village East, and in Los Angeles at Laemmle Fairfax, Edwards University 6 in Irvine and the Laemmle Pasadena Playhouse. To find out when it is coming to a theatre near you, visit