The Host to Surface Again

The slimy, mutant fish creature from the hit Korean monster movie The Host is set to make a comeback. According to Daily Variety, Korea’s Chungeorahm Film, which produced the original, is co-producing a Chinese sequel with China’s Stone Man Films. Chinese filmmaker Ning Hao (Crazy Stone) will write and direct the genre flick, which is sure to offer up more CG creature effects.

The first Host was made for just $10 million and earned nearly $90 million worldwide. A limited U.S. release by Magnolia Pictures yielded more than $2 million. The sequel will cost roughly $12 million, with funding being split between China, Korea and Hong Kong. Chungeorahm president Choi Yong-bae is producing, along with Daniel Yu (Crazy Stone), who has a stake in Hong Kong- and Beijing-based October Pictures and Stone Man.

The next film is scheduled to go before the lens next year for a late 2009 release. The script involves a monster that is allowed to run rampant because of greed, a theme that could tread a fine line with the super-sensitive Chinese government.