Superman Returns to Fly in 3-D with IMAX

Warner Bros. Pictures’ Superman Returns will be the first live-action Hollywood feature to be converted into 3-D using IMAX’s proprietary 2D-to-3D conversion technology. Actually, only 20 minutes of the movie will be tailored into an immersive IMAX experience that will have audiences flying high above the Metropolis skyline with DC Comics’ lengendary Man of Steel. The film will be released simultaneously to IMAX and conventional theaters on June 30, 2006.

Directed by Bryan Singer (X-Men, X-2: X-Men United, The Usual Suspects), Superman Returns stars newcomer Brandon Routh as the title caped crusader, who returns to Earth after a mysterious absence of several years to find that the world he protected and the woman he loved have learned to get along without him. Meanwhile, old nemesis Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) is up to his old tricks and launches a scheme that will send Supes on an epic journey of redemption that takes him from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of outer space.

During select sequences of the film, a visual cue designed by Singer will tell viewers when they should put on and remove their IMAX 3D glasses. “The test scenes that have been converted into IMAX 3D look, sound and feel absolutely amazing,” Singer comments. “The magic of IMAX 3D will envelop audiences in this story, enabling them to feel the emotion, drama and suspense in a completely new and unique way.”

Warner Bros. Pictures will be the exclusive distributor of Superman Returns to the growing IMAX theatre network worldwide. Partnering with IMAX has paid off for Warner Bros. in the past as the 3D version of the animated Polar Express has pulled more than $60 million in IMAX venues alone. Warner Bros.’ next CG feature, Happy Feet, will get a day-and-date IMAX 3D release on Nov. 17, 2006. Among the other four IMAX 3D titles scheduled for release in 2006 is Sony Pictures’ computer-animated feature Open Season, which is due in conventional and IMAX theaters on Sept. 29.