Star Cast Recruited for A Monster in Paris

Adam Goldberg, Jay Harrington, Danny Huston, Bob Balaban and Catherine O’Hara are among the voice talent signed up for director Bibo Bergeron’s long-awaited period feature A Monster in Paris.

Written by Stephane Kazandjian and Bergeron (Shark Tale, The Road to El Dorado), the story is set in Paris in 1910 and follows a shy movie projectionist (Harrington) and an inventor who team up with a cabaret star (French singer Vanessa Paradis aka Mrs. Johnny Depp), an eccentric scientist and his monkey to save the city from a monster. However, the real villain turns out to be the ruthless police chief voiced by Huston.

The tone and style of the film is described as a cross between the sensibilities of King Kong and The Triplets of Belleville. Europacorp, Bibo Films and France 3 Cinema are producing the feature, which was originally scheduled to open last year, but is now slated for 2010.