Spielberg in Talks to Produce Halo Movie

A movie adaptation of the popular video game Halo may be back on track as IESB.net reports that Steven Spielberg is in talks to develop the game into a feature.

The Oscar-winning director is reportedly interested in the screenplay by G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra co-writer Stuart Beattie titled Halo: The Fall of Reach, as a tentpole for Spielberg’s studio, DreamWorks.

The studio, which recently teamed up with Disney for distribution, is in need of a major franchise, having lost Transformers in its split from Paramount.

Halo, which was created by Bungie Studios and published and owned by Microsoft Game Studios, has so far yielded a successful game trilogy as well as a few announced spin-off and prequel games. The games center on an armored soldier named Master Chief, who fights the alien Covenant with the help of an intelligent hologram named Cortana.

Peter Jackson previously developed the franchise as a film and was going to produce while Niall Blomkamp directed it for Universal. When the deal fell apart, the pair instead made the upcoming science-fiction movie, District 9.