Sinbad Auds Get Shrek Extra

The Hulk isn’t the only big green guy you’ll see at the movies this summer. While Shrek 2 doesn’t come out for another year, the lovable ogre and friends will be in theaters with a free-bee for the opening of DreamWorks’ new animated adventure Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.

During Sinbad‘s opening weekend (July 2-6), the CD read-along Shrek and Fiona’s Honeymoon Storybook ($9.95 value) will be given away, one per child, with each paid admission while supplies last. Theatre managers will also have a limited number of rain checks on hand with instructions on how to receive a CD if the theatre’s supply runs out before the end of the weekend.

The read-along storybook picks up where the first movie ends, with Shrek and Princess Fiona embarking on their honeymoon, Donkey in tow. Mirroring the Shrek 4-D attractions at the Universal Studios theme parks, the story then sees Fiona kidnapped by a now ghostly Lord Farquaad.

The CD features the voices of original Shrek cast members Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and John Lithgow. The story is narrated by John Cleese, who will also be heard as the voice of Princess Fiona’s father, King Harold, in the upcoming movie sequel.