Shrek Musical to DVD; No Sequel for Monsters

Shrek: The Musical is closing its Broadway run sooner than expected, but will live on in DVD release, while Monsters vs. Aliens‘ hopes for a theatrical sequel have been quashed once and for all.

During its third-quarter report conference call with investors, DreamWorks Animation announced that Shrek: The Musical, which closes Jan. 3 on Broadway, will continue as a touring production set to play both domestic and international dates.

The DVD release of the musical will feature special packaging, said CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg. He also said that the weak performance on Broadway of Shrek: The Musical will not affect the company’s plans for future theatrical projects.

On the topic of Monsters vs. Aliens, Katzenberg said that while the 3-D CG feature did well domestically, the film was not well received in other countries and turning the film into a theatrical franchise failed to make financial sense.