Serenity Trailer Hits the Web

Fans of Joss Whedon’s short-lived FOX sci-fi series, Firefly, have long been waiting for the property to be resurrected on the big screen. With Serenity finally set to bow on Sept. 30, Universal today made the show’s loyal cult following very happy with the release of the first trailer.

Featuring a heaping helping of visual effects by Zoic Studios, Illusion Arts and Rhythm & Hues, Serenity has Captain Malcolm Reynolds and his rag-tag crew getting into hot water when they pick up a brother and sister who happen to be fugitives from a powerful coalition. The Universal Alliance will stop at nothing to reclaim the girl, a dangerous telepath who may pose more of a threat to the crew of the Serenity than the invincible military force or the cannibalistic Reavers simultaneously hunting them down.

Whedon, creator of the popular WB series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, makes his feature directorial debut with Serenity. A video game based on the film is also in development and will be released by Vivendi Universal Games around the time of the feature’s theatrical debut.

The Serenity trailer can be downloaded at the Apple web site at