Robots Rolls Friday. Opens Wide

In case you haven’t been driving in the past two weeks (and missed the billboards), or gone to the movies (and missed the ubiquitous trailers) or had a broken TV (and missed the wall-to-wall ad campaign), Fox’s much anticipated Robots opens in theaters tomorrow.

In an era when CGI films routinely cost north of $100 million to produce, Fox Animations execs say they brought Robots to completion for $75 million. From the creative minds at Fox’s wholly-owned CGI animation studio Blue Sky and armed with some respectful, if mixed, reviews, Robots is expected to muster more than the $375 million in box office that Blue Sky’s Ice Age did in 2002.

This weekend’s other big releases aren’t exactly counter-programming for Fox. Bruce Willis’s actioner Hostage, Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ Re-Cut, and the adult comedy The Upside of Anger hardly cater to the same tastes as a Robin Williams comedy.