Rhino Horns in on Toon Territory

Get ready for a new breed of political, animated features as Rhino Films, Mother Jones magazine and Alligator Planet team up to create Rhino Animation Features. According to Daily Variety, the new entity will kick off its series of "agit-docs" with Mother Sees Red, an examination of America’s current heated culture wars.

The movie will be hosted by an animated character inspired by the real Mary Harris "Mother" Jones, a key figure in the labor movement and the icon for the 28-year-old magazine. Based in San Francisco, Alligator Planet is a partnership between producer Ralph Guggenheim (Toy Story), former TriStar exec Alan Buder and writer-directors Eli Noyes and Tim Boxell. Mother Jones will contribute editorial direction.

Rhino Films head Stephen Nemeth brought the idea to Alligator Planet, where Boxell is spearheading the projects. Nemeth is also producing a documentary about cartoonist Robert Williams, as well as the feature What We Do Is Secret, a biopic about punk artist Darby Crash and his band, The Germs.