Restored Cinderella to Screen in Hollywood

Before it arrives on DVD on Oct. 4, Disney’s newly restored animated classic, Cinderella, will play for 11 days at Hollywood’s El Capitan Theatre starting Sept. 15. The film will be digitally projected to show off its state-of-the-art facelift, which involved high-resolution scanning of the original camera negative and removal of cel dirt.

Directed by Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske and Clyde Geronimi, Cinderella was originally released in 1950, and went on to become one of the studio’s most successful and beloved animated classics. In addition, the song “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” was nominated for an Academy Award, as was the film’s original score by Oliver Wallace and Paul J. Smith. The well-known story is based on a fairy tale written in 1697 by French author Charles Perrault.

The special engagement at the El Capitan will kick off with a panel discussion featuring live appearances by original voice cast members Ilene Woods-Shaughnessy (Cinderella), June Foray (Lucifer the cat) and Lucille Bliss (stepsister Anastasia). They will be joined by respected Disney animators Ollie Johnston and Andreas Deja, as well as restoration experts John Lowry (founder and CTO of DTS Digital Images) and Disney’s Dave Bossert and Stephen Poehlein. KTLA entertainment reporter Ross King will moderate.

Also on opening night, kids will be treated to costumed characters from the film, who will arrive by crystal coach. Tickets are available at the box office, by phone (1-800-DISNEY6) or on-line at