Report: Canada, U.S., France Tops in Animation Output

A new report on global animation output ranks Canada, the United States and France as the most prolific animation nations.

The report, titled The Global Animation Industry and put together by analysts at Screen Digest, had Canada producing the most hours of animation in 2008, with 382, followed by the United States at 330. The value of the United States’ output, however, was greater than that of Canada ‘ $376 million versus $265 million ‘due to the higher budgets of U.S. productions.

France, meanwhile, lead Europe with 259 hours produced ‘ down from 395 in 2006 ‘ while the United Kingdom surpassed Italy for the No. 2 spot.

In a ranking of companies’ output, Canada’s Nelvana was the top producer worldwide by average output over the past three years, ahead of Disney and Nick.

‘There is perhaps no genre of film or television more global than animation,’ says Screen Digest senior analyst Tim Westcott. ‘A popular film or TV series in one country can quickly translate into a global phenomenon. And success in these primary markets can feed through into DVD and licensing and merchandising revenues.”