Platinum, Atmosphere Killing Demons on Film

Comic-book property holder Platinum Studios and Atmosphere Ent. MM have teamed up to bring the Platinum graphic novel Killing Demons to the big screen. The pic is being produced by Platinum chairman Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and Atmosphere chairman and CEO Mark Canton, who hope to announce the attachment of a screenwriter shortly.

Written by Peter Siegel and illustrated by Brent White, the Killing Demons comic centers on a man who devotes his life to hunting down supernatural creatures like the ones that slaughtered his family when he was a kid. Before being picked up by Platinum, the title was self-published and independently distributed by Siegel and White, and ended up receiving critical acclaim and ranking among the 100 best-selling graphic novels of 2005.

Rosenberg and Canton first worked together when Canton was chairman of the Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Companies and Rosenberg introduced him to a little-known comic-book property known as Men in Black. Atmosphere MM’s current feture film production slate includes adaptations of such graphic novels and comic books as Frank Miller’s 300 and Neil Gaiman’s Books of Magic for Warner Bros. Pictures. The company also has The Spiderwick Chronicles, based on the best-selling book series by Tony Deterlizzi and Holly Black, set up at Paramount Pictures.

With the big-screen success of Men In Black, Rosenberg founded Platinum Studios and has since acquired more than 2,500 characters that have appeared in comics worldwide. The company recently inked a financing and production deal with Relativity Media LLC and IDG Films for two back-to-back films based on the Witchblade comic book franchise and also signed the Pang Brothers (The Eye) to direct Platinum’s upcoming feature, The Darkness. Both films are being produced in association with Top Cow Prods. In addition, Platinum has Cowboys & Aliens set up at Sony, Unique at Disney, Mal Chance at Miramax, Wanted at Universal, Inferno at Warner Bros., Fathom at Fox and Meet the Haunteds at NBC. More information on the company can be found at