Pixar to Debut Short ‘Sanjay’s Super Team’ at Annecy


A new Pixar short titled Sanjay’s Super Team, directed by Sanjay Patel, is slated to premiere at the Annecy festival prior to its release attached to the studio’s Nov. 25 release of the feature The Good Dinosaur.

The short is based on Patel’s experience growing up as an Indian in American. A fan of cartoons, comics and toys as a kid, his parents were Hindu and he performed a prayer known as a puja daily with his father.

The short begins with Sanjay as a child, beckoned from the exciting world of cartoons to the puja, during which he begins daydreaming of the Hindu gods as a team of superheroes. The animation becoming increasingly vivid as the visions help Sanjay understand his father’s faith.

Patel joined Pixar in 1996 as an animator and has worked on many of the studio’s features since.

Sanjay’s Super Team

Sanjay’s Super Team

  • Steven Ostuni

    Awesome! I know in India, the Hindu gods play a huge role in many of their cartoons and comic books. To my knowledge, there are quite a few Hindu “superhero” comics out there. Look forward to seeing it, along with The Good Dinosaur!