Piven, Perlman Add Voices to Marmaduke

The actors behind Ari Gold, Hellboy and McLovin are lending their voices to the live-action and CG-animated hybrid adaptation of the comic strip Marmaduke.

According to ComingSoon.net, the voice cast for the movie includes Jeremy Piven as “Bosco,” Ron Perlman as “Chupadogra,” Christopher Mintz-Plasse as “Guiseppe,” Amanda Seyfried as “Mazie,” and Black Eyed Peas singer Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson as “Jezebel.”

Also doing voices are Steve Coogan as “Raisin,” George Lopez as “Carlos” and Damon Wayans Jr. as “Thunder.”

The film is directed by Tom Dey, with the live-action elements already shot and a June 4, 2010, release date set.