Paramount Plays with Max Steel Movie

Max Steel is looking to join Transformers and G.I. Joe in the growing trend of toys-turned-cartoons jumping to the big screen.

Paramount has teamed up with producer Joe Roth to option the rights to the Mattel property ‘ about an extreme sports athlete who gains superpowers ‘ for a feature film adaptation, Variety reports.

Max Steel began life as an action figure first released by the toy company in 1999. He starred in an animated series that ran three years starting in 2000, first on Kids WB and later on Cartoon Network.

The character since has appeared in five direct-to-DVD animated features produced by Rainmaker. Only one of the movies was released in the United States ‘ the rest are available in Latin America, where Max Steel is the top-selling action figure.

Max Steel joins a host of Mattel toy properties that have been set up as feature films recently, including He-Man: Masters of the Universe, Hot Wheels, Major Matt Mason and View Master.