Oscar-Nominated Shorts Gross $1 Million

Shorts International and Magnolia Pictures’ theatrical release of the Oscar-nominated animated and live-action short films of 2010 has grossed more than $1 million at the box office.

The release, which the companies have put together each of the last five years, was intended to get these traditionally rarely seen short films to a wider audience.

‘The short film has gone from the occasional feature film accessory, to the main theatrical event,’ said Carter Pilcher, chief executive of Shorts International. ‘Audiences for the Oscar nominated shorts jumped by 52 percent in the short space of a year and more than 1,000 percent in five years ‘ and this is just the beginning. For the first time ever these films are also currently available on cable systems through Movies On Demand.’

The program is entering its seventh weekend in selected cinemas across the United States.

A list of theaters playing the Oscar-nominated shorts program can be found online at www.shortshd.com/theoscarshorts.