Norway’s ‘Solan and Ludvig’ Sets New Box Office Record


The stop-motion animated feature Solan and Ludvig: Christmas in Pinchcliffe has set a new box office record in Norway. According to the folks at, the movie has posted the second best opening weekend in a decade, with 174,000 tickets sold, exceeding 2013′s previous top opener Iron Man 3, which debuted with 99,000 tickets sales.

The 72-minute movie (original title Solan og Ludvig – Jul i Flåklypa) is directed by Rasmus A. Sivertsen. A Maipo Film production, exec produced by Synnøve Hørsdal and produced by Cornelia Boysen, the film follows the lead characters Solan the Hedgehog and Ludvig the Mapgie as they try to save their town from the evil plans of Plosen, who has stolen Reodor the inventor’s powerful snowmaker.

Sivertsen’s movie features the popular characters based on the works of Kjell Aukrust, whose last movie was the 1975 feature adaptation Pinchcliffe Grand Prix. That movie has sold 5.5 million tickets to date, which is very impressive in a country with a population of 4.9 million.

Here’s the Norwegian trailer for the movie:

Solan and Ludvig: Christmas in Pinchcliffe

Solan and Ludvig: Christmas in Pinchcliffe