New Vinton Short to Blow into Theaters

Joe Blow, the latest animated short from Portland, Oregon-based Vinton Studios, will soon make its way to a theater near you. Conceived and directed by Emmy Award-winning director Mark Gustafson (Mr. Resistor, Bride of Resistor), the film will premiere exclusively at Landmark Theaters starting April 16 in New York and Los Angles with wider distribution to follow.

Accompanying the release of the drama feature Young Adam starring Ewan McGregor and Tilda Swinton, Joe Blow combines Vinton’s signature brand of stop-motion animation with CG to tell the story of one man’s quest for companionship. Gustafson calls it "a cautionary tale of passion, loss and pneumatics." He explains, "Joe, who lives by himself in a trailer, finds that love can be a breathtaking experience."

Gustafson says the idea for the short came to him ten years ago when he was trying to blow up a balloon and noticed a correlation between the frustration he felt attempting to keep the balloon filled with air and the difficulties of maintaining a relationship. Joe Blow puts so much energy into inflating his blow-up love doll that has nothing left to put into the "relationship."

Screening Dates:

April 16

Los Angeles/Santa Monica, Calif.: NuWilshire Theatre

New York, N.Y.: Sunshine Cinema

April 23

Berkeley, Calif: Act 1 & 2

San Francisco, Calif.: Embarcadero Center Cinema or Lumiere Theatre (TBA)

Seattle, Wash.: Guild 45th Theatre

Boston, Mass.: Kendall Square Cinema

Waltham, Mass.:Embassy Cinema

April 30

San Diego, Calif.: Hillcrest Cinemas

Denver, Colo.: Mayan Theatre

Chicago, Ill.: Renaissance Place Cinema

May 7

Boulder, Colo.: Crossroads Cinema

Minneapolis, Minn.: Lagoon Cinema or Uptown Theatre (TBA)

MAY 14

Austin, Texas: Dobie Theatre

St. Louis, Mo: Tivoli Theatre

Bethesda, Md: Bethesda Row Cinema

Detroit, Mich.: Main Art Theatre

May 28

Milwaukee, Wis.: Oriental Theatre

June 4

New Orleans, La: Canal Place Cinema