New Character Images from Pixar’s ‘Brave’


While many of our readers are surely planning to take in Cars 2 ASAP, we have a few new character images from next summer’s Pixar feature, Brave.

But first, here’s a great look at the heroine of the piece, Princess Merida, in all her digital, bow-wielding glory.

Princess Merida in an image from Pixar's Brave, due out in June 2012.

Here are the four new character images:

Princess Merida, voiced by Kelly Macdonald

Queen Elinor, voiced by Emma Thompson

The Wise Woman, voiced by Julie Walters

Lord MacIntosh, voiced by Craig Ferguson

We’ve also learned that, in addition to the teaser for Brave and the Toy Story Toon Hawaiian Vacation, Cars 2 also has a trailer showing several minutes of footage for this fall’s stereoscopic 3D limited release of The Lion King.

Feel free to let us know in the comments what you think of Cars 2, the Brave teaser, Hawaiian Vacation or the new version of The Lion King.

  • Eugenio Enrique Herrera

    Cars 2 for me, for sure, will be the most successful animated movie this year, without wishing to despising any other, since all the great work done by each study, without doubt, is in itself a wonder.

    Striking Brave characters and environment are showing a great story to come, Hawaiian Vacation looks very cool, and and what I can say about The Lion King now in 3D? for me the best animated film of all time, obviously, that’s great news!


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  • andres straulino

    Although I wanted to watch Cars 2, I was most amazed by Brave’s teaser trailer. The feel the gras, the horse, the woods, the hair, the beast, the bow, … Please give us some more!!! I really enjoyed Hawaiian Vacation but it was Brave I love the most. It made my whole movie experience much much bigger.