NBA’s Yao Voices Magic Aster

NBA star Yao Ming is turning his talents to the microphone, taking a voice role in a Chinese animated feature called The Magic Aster.

Yao plays the character of Old Daddy in the film, reports CCTV.

“The character is much older than me. But they said that my voice suited its character. I wonder if I am an old man to some degree. I voice the part of a dad, but I myself am not a dad yet. I have to thank the director a lot – he was well versed in showing a complete amateur how to do it,” he said this week at a Beijing appearance to promote the film.

Yao said he hopes the film inspires more homegrown animation from China.

‘I hope that through our effort, Chinese kids will like these domestically made animations, such as the (Magic Aster), and they will carry on our culture for future generations,” said Yao.

The film is due to open in China on June 19.