Myers Attached to Possible Pepe LePew Pic


Pepe LePew, the lovelorn and French-accented skunk of Looney Tunes fame, is being considered for a live-action/CG-animation hybrid feature film with Shrek star Mike Myers attached to provide the voice, according to New York Magazine’s Vulture blog.

The move is reported to be part of Warner Bros.’ ongoing plans to reinvigorate its Looney Tunes animation franchise. The film would have LePew and the object of his romantic affections, Penelope Pussycat, as CG characters in a live-action setting.

Pepe LePew first appeared in the short film Odor-able Kitty, released in 1945. Created by Chuck Jones and voiced for decades by Mel Blanc, LePew appeared in 16 more Looney Tunes shorts in which his wooing of Penelope was constantly undermined by his naturally offensive odor.

  • Ken H

    At least LePew was not a pain in the …. like Speedy Gonzales. It will be interesting to see what the circumstances are this time for Penelope to get that white stripe accidentally painted down her back. Myers can be counted on to give a good performance, as he did in The Cat in the Hat and the Shrek franchise.