More Sin City, Mummy Coming?

Here’s a little item from the grapevine. Citing an unnamed source, movie fansite reports that director Robert Rodriguez is planning to shoot Sin City 2 and 3 back to back. The same source says Stephen Sommers has scripted a third Mummy installment for Universal and hopes to start shooting by the end of this year.

Distributed by Dimension Films, Sin City was made relatively cheaply ($40 million) using digitally-created backgrounds and other CG elements. To date, the film has earned nearly $70 million and should make a killing on home video. The pic was also a hit with critics, who applauded its bold visual style and unique approach to bringing Frank Miller’s graphic novels to the screen.

Sommers has made a lucrative career of resurrecting Universal’s classic horror franchises, lumping Dracula, Frankenstein and The Wolfman into last summer’s CG-laden hit, Van Helsing. Since his two Mummy movies grossed more than $800 million worldwide combined, it’s a wonder Universal has waited this long to complete the trilogy.

Again, these projects have yet to be confirmed, but we’ll certainly follow them and let you know when we learn more.