Looney Tunes Last Supper Parody Draws Complaints

A parody of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper that features Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes gang on display at the Chuck Jones Gallery in San Diego has drawn a consistent stream of complaints.

The San Diego Union Tribune reports the painting titled The Gathering, created by Dallas artists Glen Tamowski and put on display a couple weeks ago, has drawn a number of angry telephone calls and unfriendly notes demanding the painting be removed.

‘Most people think it’s fun and amusing, but 5 percent are pulling their hair out,’ Mike Dicken, national sales director for the gallery, told the daily newspaper. The gallery has received about 10-12 phone calls a day and a number of anonymous notes.

Craig Kausen, the gallery’s CEO and grandson of Jones, told the newspaper he consulted a local priest who found no problem or disrespect in the concept.

A biography explaining Tamowski is a devout Christian and an alumnus of California Lutheran University was added to the display.

‘Chuck Jones was the absolute master in using cartoon characters to communicate the issues we deal with in life,’ Tarnowski told the paper. ‘We all resonate with these characters.’

The painting remains on display and is for sale at an asking price of $20,000.