Live-Action Beavis & Butt-Head?

In a recent interview on the MTV Movies Blog, Mike Judge revealed that he is considering making a live-action movie based on his this MTV cartoon Beavis & Butt-Head. The catastrophe-creating cartoon duo provide a brief intro to The Animation Show Volume 3, which hits DVD today.

Judge, who also co-created the FOX primetime animated series King of the Hill, told MTV that for years he hated the idea of re-imagining Beavis & Butt-Head with live actors, but is warming to the idea. The concept may hinge on finding two actors who can bring the heavy metal-loving characters to life. Judge noted that Johnny Depp once expressed interest in playing Beavis, since he and Marlon Brando would imitate the characters on the set of Don Juan De Marco. Sean William Scott from the American Pie movies also came up in discussion as a possible Butt-Head.

The 1999 comedy Office Space marked Judge’s live-action directorial debut. He has since made Idiocracy and is currently working on a film titled Extract with Jason Bateman. The workplace comedy will be something of a companion piece to Office Space, with Bateman playing the beleaguered boss of a company that makes vanilla and other types of extracts. Other characters may be played by Gary Cole and Stephen Root from Office Space, which was spawned from Judge’s series of Milton animated shorts.