Lions Gate inCG Foodfight!

Lions Gate hopes to get its family film business back on track by co-producing and distributing an upcoming computer-animated feature titled Foodfight!. This flagship project for the newly minted Lions Gate Family Entertainment will feature the voices of pop star siblings Hilary and Haylie Duff, and will be animated at Larry Kasanoff’s Threshold Animation Studios.

Foodfight!, a film about what goes on in a supermarket after closing time, is directed by Kasanoff from a script by Brent Friedman, Rebecca Swanson and Sean Derek. Kasanoff and George Johnsen are handling producer duties and Lions Gate Family Ent. exec VP Ken Katsumoto is overseeing for the studio.

To cut down on render time, Threshold has teamed with IBM to use its IBM On Demand Center, a high-powered render farm. The producers also plan to help the budget out by forming promotional partnerships with companies whose products and characters are commonly found in supermarkets. Mr. Clean and Charlie Tuna are reportedly among the well-known cartoon pitchmen who will show up in the film.

Now in production, Foodfight! is slated for theatrical release in the fall of 2006.