Lima to Lead Mr. Limpet

Enchanted director Kevin Lima will be helming the upcoming remake of the classic 1964 Don Knott feature The Incredible Mr. Limpet, says The Hollywood Reporter. The live-action/animation hybrid centers on a regular guy who has to deal with the fact that one day he simply turns into a fish. Eventually, he finds his way by helping the Allies fight enemy ships during WWII.

Lima, who also directed Disney’s Tarzan and 102 Dalmatians has become hugely in-demand of late. After helming the acclaimed hit Enchanted in 2007, he is directing The Spook’s Apprentice, about a teenage boy who learns how to be an exorcist in early 18th Century England. He is also set to direct Warner Bros.’ Tom Thumb, titled Thumb, and Universal’s Candyland.

The Warner Bros. Limpet has had a few false starts along the way. Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Steve Oderkerk and Mike Judge were all attached to the remake in the past few years. The new version will also be an animation/live-action hybrid.