‘LEGO’ Sequel Due May 26, 2017


As if everything wasn’t already awesome enough for Warner Bros.’ The LEGO Movie, the studio has made official a release date for a sequel: May 26, 2017.

The movie has proven a bona-fide smash hit, having crossed the $200 million worldwide gross mark in less than two weeks of release. It won its opening weekend with a big $69 million domestic gross and is expected to hold on to that title for the third weekend in a row.

Warner Bros. confirmed before the film even opened that it had hired Jared Stern and Michelle Morgan to write a script for the sequel.

The LEGO Movie was written and directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, with animation by Animal Logic. Produced by Doug Davison, Roy Lee and Dan Lin, the movie features the voices of Chris Pratt, Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Will Ferrell, Channing Tatum and Liam Neeson.

The LEGO Movie

The LEGO Movie

  • AnimationFan#1

    I really liked the Lego Movie! It was Great! I can’t wait to see the sequal in 2017! I LOVE ANIMATION!

  • Melissa

    Everything about this movie was indeed awesome. I’m extremely worried with the change in writers though…will it have the same wit and humor that made this movie and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs so great? I really do hope so :