Korea’s Sonata Reinvented with Animation

The South Korean television drama Winter Sonata, a hit across Asia, will be remade as an animated feature, according to Daily Variety. The show’s star, Bae Yong-joon, will step into the recording booth to provide the voice for his famous character’s animated counterpart. The actor is a major shareholder of Key East, which is co-producing the toon with Japan’s Total Promotion.

Written by Oh Su Yeon and directed by Yoon Suk-ho, Winter Sonata is the story of a high-school student named Jung Yujin, who strikes up a friendship and love affair with a dark and mysterious exchange student named Kang Joon Sang. The boy has come to town in search of the father his mother said was dead. The story follows their complicated lives over the course of several years.

The animated version will reportedly be produced as a 26-part TV series, as well as a theatrical feature. Capitalizing on the Pan-Asian appeal the live-action series, it will be promoted all over Asia. Part of the so-called ‘Korean Wave,’ the drama is particularly popular in Japan, where it aired on NHK.