Kickstand Grows in Brooklyn

A new animation and research development company called Kickstand has opened its doors in Brooklyn, New York. Using a team of technical directors with backgrounds in DreamWorks Animation and Charlex, Kickstand will offer commercial software products and services for vfx, game productions, features and TV projects.

‘Our team is committed to delivering innovative technology that maximizes productivity in all stages of the production pipeline,’ says Kickstand’s exec producer Rob O’Neill. ‘We believe artists and animators need to spend their time being creative, not worrying about how to streamline workflow.”

With commercial software for surface deformations and workflow enhancement currently in development, Kickstand plans to enhance character animation using Autodesk Maya software. In addition to commercial software development, the company also offers custom plug-in creation, pipeline research and development, 3D content and asset design, character modeling and rigging and pre-production and pitch development services.

Daniel Dawson, who received a technical achievement award for the development of a hair animation and simulation system for DreamWorks Animation and has worked on character development for features such as Shrek 2, Shrek the Third and Monsters vs. Aliens. Greg Elshoff (an Autodesk Masterclass presenter) is the outfit’s Tools Division exec, while former DreamWorks Animation character designer Rob O’Neill leads the company’s research and development division.

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