Imax Dives in with Coral Reef Adventure

If you’ve had enough of animated fish, no matter how brilliantly rendered, MacGillivray Freeman Films’ latest Imax offering Coral Reef Adventure may be just the ticket. In regional release since last February, the pic opens at the California Science Center in Los Angeles this weekend.

The film marks the third underwater film for the award-winning team of Greg MacGillivray and Alec Lorrimore. The Living Sea (a 3D underwater doc) and Dolphins have all performed strongly on the science center circuit. For its part, Imax remains a specialty item in the exhib biz. There was talk (and some action) a few years ago to take the Imax experience into mainstream multi-plexes. But financial difficulties at Imax Corp. and the inability of 40-minute films to truly compete for theatergoer dollars has all but scuppered the move.

Coral Reef has grossed $20 million so far. The film chronicles both the beauty of the world’s reefs and the danger they’re currently in. Covering just 1% of the earth’s surface, coral reefs are home to 25% of the world’s marine life. The underwater equivalent of the rain forests, they’re disappearing at an alarming rate because of pollution. At the current rate of destruction, the world’s reefs will all be gone in just 40 years.